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‘I Had No Choice,’ Minnesota Officer Testifies on Shooting

When the world glimpsed Officer Jeronimo Yanez in a Facebook Live video last summer, his gun was pointed through the window of Philando Castile’s Oldsmobile. The patrolman’s voice was elevated. He shouted expletives. He claimed he opened fire because Mr. Castile was reaching for a gun. On Friday, Officer Yanez spoke about the shooting again, this time in a courtroom here where he is on trial for second-degree manslaughter.
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Ketchum man slain by deputy

Sheriff says officer forced to fire when victim refused to drop knife. Tom Algiers, a 25-year Ketchum resident, was shot and killed by a Blaine County deputy officer during a confrontation with police early Sunday morning. Blaine County Sheriff Walt Femling said one of his deputies was forced to shoot Algiers, 45, when he refused to heed police orders to drop a knife.
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Police shooting witness charged with battery

A Wyoming man earlier involved in an altercation with a Ketchum man killed Sunday morning in a police standoff has been charged with aggravated battery against the shooting victim. Daniel Hunt, 44, formerly of Jackson, Wyo., was arraigned Thursday in 5th District Magistrate Court in Hailey. Hunt was arrested at 4:50 p.m.
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Family and friends mourn Tom Algiers

He lived a simple life by choice, said his sister Mary Algiers. He was often seen in the Wood River Valley walking with his dog Patty. Terra consoles Tom Algiers’ mother Peggy at a memorial gathering in his honor at the Coffee Grinder in Ketchum. Express photo by David N. "He didn’t want a lot of responsibility," she said.
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AG office called to investigate Algiers assault

The complex investigation into a May 16 aggravated battery near River Run Lodge has been turned over to the Idaho Attorney General’s Office. A related police shooting is under investigation by a task force of Southern Idaho law enforcement officers. At the scene of a fatal shooting, colored flags stuck in the ground Tuesday mark the movements of police and Tom Algiers prior to his death May 16.
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Private investigator finds missing bullet

The Magic Valley Critical Incident Task Force investigating the death of Ketchum resident Tom Algiers who was slain in a police standoff was tipped off last week to the existence at the crime scene of what authorities believe to be a 9 mm slug. Idaho State Patrol Officer Cpl. Bob Bingham collects a bullet found at the scene of the May 16 shooting of Ketchum resident Tom Algiers.
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Coroner’s inquest called in Algiers case

Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Thomas and Blaine County Sheriff Walt Femling announced Monday that a coroner’s inquest will be held in a continued investigation of the police shooting death last month of Ketchum resident Tom Algiers. Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Thomas and Blaine County Sheriff Walt Femling announce Monday that an inquest will continue the investigation of the police shooting death of Thomas Algiers in May.
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Police homicide ruled non-criminal

After less than an hour of deliberation Wednesday, a six-member jury in a coroner? s inquest into the May shooting death of Thomas Patrick Algiers by Blaine County Sgt. Curtis Miller ruled that the police shooting of the long time Ketchum inhabitant was not caused by criminal means. Algiers, 46, was killed near a campsite in the dense woods west of the bike path and south of the River Run Lodge parking lot shortly before 3 a.m.
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Plea bargain accepted in machete case

In a surprise court hearing Thursday in Hailey, Daniel D. Hunt pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge in connection with an early morning altercation May 16 with Thomas P. Algiers, who later that morning was killed in a police standoff. Fifth District Magistrate Judge Ted Israel accepted Hunt's plea and sentenced him to 135 days in the Blaine County Jail.
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Poland Says Minnesota Man, 98, Ordered Nazi-Led Atrocities

The Polish government will seek the extradition of a 98-year-old Ukrainian-American who prosecutors say carried out Nazi-led atrocities in 1944 that killed scores of civilians. The family of the man, Michael Karkoc, who entered the United States in 1949 and now lives in a nursing home in Minneapolis, says that he is innocent of the charges and that he has dementia and is not fit to stand trial.
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‘Walking Out’ of Boise

Across the once-unbridled Boise River from that unnatural patch of blue turf where the Boise State Broncos scrum is the elaborate, cosmopolitan and meticulously nurtured Julia Davis Park. As of last summer, the park has the first of four new “River Nodes,” quiet places set off from the popular Boise River Greenbelt.
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Getting to the Trailhead

Trailhead, Boise’s downtown co-working space is a startup hub stretching its legs. With eight-week courses that accommodate working people and an evolving code school, quickly it’s expanding the city’s entrepreneur network. Since the nonprofit’s doors opened in 2015, Trailhead has racked up nearly 400 members who have found their way to the startup guide service.
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